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Natural inspiration

Nature is one of the most inspiring influences when planning colour schemes.

LeavesIf you are lost and uninspired when it comes to finding the perfect palette to decorate your home, simply look around you. Just like Mother Nature, you can make it work for you.

Flowers are perfect for studying complementary colours . Look at the delicate mauve of a crocus bulb paired with its opposite colour of vibrant yellow on its stamens, or consider the vibrant red berries nestling beside a glossy, green holly leaf.

Nature demonstrates how a toning scheme never needs to be dull. Think of the several different shades of green leaves, grass and trees beautifully co-existing.

The beachIf you want a harmonious colour scheme , study the myriad shades of golden yellow and russet reds slowly turning into copper on an autumnal day, or look at a garden border to see how the pinks of lupins graduate into the bluey mauves and purples of delphiniums and foxgloves. Clashing colours may also brighten many garden borders.

To use beach influences, copy the perfect neutrals of slate grey pebbles mixed with the muted browns and caramels of driftwood and sand.