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Color Can Manipulate a Space Without Changing the 'Fixed Assets'

Changing the “fixed assets” (ie. floor and window coverings) within a dated interior space can be a costly proposition. Rather than incurring the expense of redecorating a timeworn area, enhance the entire space with an updated color scheme!

The first step on the road to color recovery is to examine the existing palette within the space. Depending upon the current color scheme, it is often possible to simply phase out one or more of the dated colors and replace with a more up to the minute hue. Another alternative is to add a contemporary color to an existing, two color partnership. Paint can provide the simple but necessary ingredient to accomplish either of these goals!

Living roomCombining unexpected, offbeat colors within a carefully considered design scheme, is a rapidly increasing trend. Consider enhancing a traditional muted blue and pale yellow duo in the master bedroom by introducing an unanticipated, contrasting chocolate brown as the third color. Apply a freehand painted design to nondescript furnishings, such as a wooden headboard and mismatched chests of drawers. Bring a mauve (especially popular during the 1980's) living room into the new millenium by substituting the hue for a more up to the minute, deeper raspberry. Consider painting an accent wall or highlight an architectural feature with the desired hue. Instead of eliminating avocado green (a popular color choice in the 1970's) from the kitchen, celebrate the shade by supplementing with more contemporary, earthy counterparts like rich mustards, bold cranberry and spicy cinnamon. Add these colors to the kitchen mix by fashioning a stenciled leafy border above the countertop, to function as a backsplash.

Once you have the “re-energized” color palette in place, continue to implement ongoing touches of the new color/s by incorporating coordinating decorative accessories. Allow paint to function as your ‘color partner’, to creatively accentuate the “new” color scheme. Remembering that decorating is an ongoing process, your room will begin to take on a new persona via the inspirational use of paint and color.