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Learning to Love Pink

For those who've been reluctant to embrace pink, it's time to think again.

By Dewey Sadka

Whether it’s for an important event or just to feel good about yourself, wearing pink—or using it in your home—will reveal your softer side. In fact, if you’re interested in creating a space that encourages openness and conversation, then pink is definitely for you. It doesn’t just enhance natural color and make you look vibrant in the bathroom mirror (although pink powder rooms are proof of that), well-placed pink also can enhance spirituality and decision-making.

If you’re a man, getting beyond the classic color-think of "men like blue and women like pink" may require a leap of faith. But guys, be courageous! Your "softer side" is sexy, and women view men who’re comfortable with pink as self-confident. And in many shades, pink is not a namby-pamby color. It can be empowering, stimulating or just plain fun.

Ready to be in the pink? Select the pink shade you like most and find out what it means. If you have a strong aversion to a certain pink, click on that one, too. You never know: you may discover some benefits of pink that will help you turn the corner. Remember, you don’t have to surround yourself with pink for it to do its decorating magic. A pink pillow, candle, chair or vase full of fresh flowers will each do the trick.


LAVENDER PINK: purple with brown

HOT PINK: magenta with white

CLASSIC PINK: red with white


SALMON PINK: red-orange with white

DUSTY ROSE PINK: indigo with brown