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Bristan Bathroom Accessories

Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating the bathroom, bathroom accessories become one of the highest priorities. Today, there are numerous products from different manufacturers and all come with their own promises. As one of the most renowned product manufacturers, Bristan has many bathroom products which will definitely give a new look to your bathroom.

The range of products that Bristan produces for the bathroom is simply amazing. Starting from the Chill Toilet roll holder to the Chill Glass safe, you can buy everything need for your bathroom. Let us try to see some specific products which are the necessity for every bathroom. The first product that I would like to review is the Bristan Chill Toilet Roll Holder.

The price of the product is approximately 16. It is chrome plated and comes with a five year guarantee that protects against any manufacturing defects. Though it is a small, it is also a very useful product. There will be a shipping charge associated with the product if you plan on buying from an online store, but sometimes they will waive the fee depending on the total value of the products you buy.

Hence it is suggested that you bundle it along with some more products if you are buying from the same online shop. Renowned online retailers have a wide range of products which can be used for a complete makeover of your bathroom. Another important bathroom accessory is the soap dispenser. Bristan offers the Aqueous wall mounted frosted glass soap dispenser. Priced at 30, it will make a great addition to your bathroom. This product is elegant and you should definitely consider it for your bathroom.

As usual the product is chrome plated and comes with a five year guarantee against any manufacturing defects. There are other products also such as the Towel Ring, Towel Rail and Aqueous mirror with lighting from Bristan. These products are extremely useful but you should be careful in choosing your accessories. If you buy too many products, your bathroom may be over-accessorized.

It is important that you create a list of all the products that you need and start browsing. It is not necessary that you get everything in one store. Hence spend sometime with your bathroom accessory shopping because you are definitely not going to change your bathroom everyday. It is advisable that you always check out online stores because the range of products that you will get is much more than what may be available in standard hardware, plus, you will have the option of finding all your needs at one place. Just logon to your favorite site and start filling up your basket.

Darren Dunner is the author of this article on Bristan Bathroom Accessories. Find more information about the subject at

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