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Fireplace Screens A Home Decor Solution

Many homes have a fireplace. Fireplaces are not only seen as a place to provide warmth to those inside the home, but are also seen as a place where the family can gather and spend some time together. Fireplaces provide the cozy atmosphere where one can sit on a sofa or carpet near the fire and feel the warm, safe, and soothing feeling during winter times. A fireplace also adds a very decorative look to a living room. The mantle piece is normally filled with collectibles or souvenirs. Traditional fireplaces were wood burning fireplaces and are still available though most prefer the models that use natural gas.

In a traditional fireplace, firewood is to be used and the owner usually has to stock piles of wood as buying wood in small quantity can prove costly. In a natural gas fireplace, propane is normally the source of the fire. This is provided by the gas company and need not be stored.

This can be metered and charged along with your gas bill. Wood burning fireplaces do give out a fragrance when the logs burn and create a soothing sound. But the flames cannot be controlled easily and can be found to be more dangerous in homes with small children.

Modern gas fireplaces can be controlled easily using valves or even remote control, but can prove expensive as the price of natural gas fluctuates frequently. The primary consideration while installing or using fireplaces should be safety and there are many accessories like fireplace screens that can provide safety, especially to children. While keeping the chimney clean, installing carbon monoxide detectors, keeping junksuch as papers and mail far away from the fireplace can add to the safety of the fireplace, the primary and most basic solution is to add a fireplace screen. Fireplace screens are stylish additions to the fireplace that add to the aesthetic value while providing safety. Traditional fireplace screens come with a multi paneled frame made of wrought iron and normally come in black color.

These panels can move independently, but are hinged together. These will be filled with a screen made of steel mesh. This can be positioned on the hearth though modern designs of fireplace screens can be positioned over the fire place itself.

The fireplace screens thus contain the amber or flame. The panels of fireplace screens can be folded or moved if there is a requirement to access the fire place to add logs. Fireplace screens come in a variety of designs , from simple ones with single panels to those that fit flush inside the opening of the fireplace itself. Some fireplace screens are even designed as hanging above the hearth and act like curtains would to prevent water spilling all over the bathroom.

Common and popular designs contain double doors that can be opened outwards. Fireplace screens also come with accessories like fireplace utensils and firewood holders. Fireplace screens add a subtle or strong beauty statement to the fireplace, by adding decor and color to the fire place during summer seasons. Fireplace screens come in many materials and sizes. Choose the appropriate one considering the dimensions of your fireplace and the design that would like to purchase.

We present a wealth of resources and products. Find out more about fireplace screens and home interior decorating.

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