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Choosing the Right Children Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are wonderful pieces of furniture for your children, especially for siblings or twins. Even for a single child, different kinds of bunk beds are available with interesting options and can prove to be an adventure for your child. While children bunk beds are great, they may be too dangerous for a toddler or very small children because of the height involved.

Therefore, use reason and caution when shopping for them. Children bunk beds come in various models and sizes. They come in different materials. Bunk beds are available in wood, metal and sometimes even in plastic. While metal beds are sturdy, plastic ones are only recommended for small children. Both metal and plastic beds come in a variety of fun and bright colors.

Children bunk beds also come with different options. For example, some of them can be detached and used separately as single beds. This might be useful as your children grow up and cannot use the bed any longer. Your investment in the bunk beds can continue to be useful as you can separate the beds and use them as two separate twin beds. Some models come with wider lower beds (king size) and narrower upper beds (twin size).

This kind of a design gives a better balance as the lower bed spreads out to balance evenly. While buying children bunk beds certain safety precautions should be taken. You need to check with the store or manufacturer that the bunk beds meet the required safety standards and criteria set by the appropriate organizations which set the standards. You should also ensure that the proper guard rails run the full length of the bunk beds on both sides and that they are fit securely. Children bunk beds come with options that the guard rails can slide under the mattress or that the guard rails can be attached or removed using screws. These provide security when the children are small and can be removed or hidden as they grow up if reasonable.

While selecting bunk beds, you should ensure that the beds are stable, i.e. if you try to shake the beds, there should no extra movements. Also ensure that you consider the weight limits given by the manufacturer. Also examine that the ladder attached to the bunk beds is strong, wide and easy enough for the child to climb. Also ensure that your head does not hit the top when you sit on the bottom bunk.

Special bunk beds come with some extra options. Some come with drawers below the bottom bed where the children can keep their things. Some designs even come with tents on the bottom bunk and a slide for the child to slide from the top bunk. Some children bunk beds come with a futon as the bottom bunk where the futon can be used as a sofa or can be converted to a bed when required. Simple children bunk beds cost around three hundred dollars. The elaborate or fancy models can cost even up to about $1500 or $2000.

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