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Christmas Organizing begin

Here is the first of my Christmas ideas for preparing and organizing Lets look at getting the present lists and card lists ready to go. Okay so the card list, how often do you get your Christmas cards and find come January they are still sitting in the office, on the dinning table or in a draw? I'm here to say that this can be changed! Lets start by making a list of all those that you want to send a card to. Start with overseas friends, if you can remember who you got a card from last year, add those. Best idea is to count the names on the list and you have the amount of cards you require for this Christmas.

Since its only late October, I suggest you start writing a few a week from now on and that way by Dec you will have a lot of the cards done. Start with the ones that you need to post overseas. And then work down the list. Once you have the cards written and ready to go, address and stamp them and so they are ready to go. Remember not to post till early December, otherwise if they arrive to early people put them aside and forget they are there when they are putting their other Christmas cards around.

Now the seriousness of Christmas present shopping! We all have our thoughts on what to spend and what to buy. I'm going to help you with is how to create a brilliant list, that will help you be more planned with getting things done on time so you don't have the huge panic. Start with a list of your Children, and immediate family, then add friends and members of your community that you buy gifts for. It’s a time of year when a lot of us are greatful for those around us for all that they have done for us. Leave enough room especially below you children's names and partners. These will be the ones that you buy the most for.

Work out what will suit each one, and the things that they would like. A great bit of advice is to actually start this list earlier in the year, as it means if you spot something in a sale that will suit, you can cross it off the list and put it away. Now try to organize a day each week that you can spend a few hours or half a day at the shops to get through the list. Aim to work through similar parts of the list in each trip.

So one day for the Children, one for your husband or partner, one for family and then friends. Leave yourself with enough time to pick up last bits etc. Oh and by the way, Don't Forget the Wrapping paper and ribbons.

In the next article I will put some links to wrapping ideas. Some simple ways of making things look amazing without a lot of work.

Paul Easton is a home organizing professional their home environment and get more out of life. Free idea’s and ways of clearing the clutter from your home. Free 7 lemon scented home organizing ideas

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