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How To Decorate Your Door with an Operable Valance

Do you have a set of French doors and don't know how to put a window treatment on it? You would love to decorate your doors with a pretty valance, but afraid that it will get caught in the door. And who has the time to mess around with window treatments every time you want to go outside. Or perhaps, your situation is that a whole set of windows incorporates a door - so nothing has a window treatment and the whole room looks bare? I'm here to tell you that there IS a way to decorate your doors! That's right. You don't have to hang your valance above the door frame and have it looking odd so high up.

You don't have to keep holding up the valance so that it can clear the door while you close it. And you no longer have to settle for bare doors just because you don't know what to do. You don't have to think that there is no other way and you have no choice.

You have a choice. Introductin 'The Swinging Door Treatment Kit'. It's a special tool that can make your treatments operable. They open and close just like your door. Actually, they open and close together with your door.

As the door swings open, the valance swings in tandem with it. It allows you to walk through your door, without bumping your head on it and without putting your hand to hold it up as you close the door. This tool - ingenious in its simplicity is produced by Rowley Co. Although it consists of several parts, the two main ones are a slot-track and an L-bracket. The slot track is attached to the back of the valance.

Think of it as a 'railroad'. The L-bracket is attached to the door. Think of it as a train. The two are hooked together so that the L-bracket slides back and forth as the door opens. Ingenious! Here is what one customer had to say after having it installed in his house: "Vita, I just wanted to personally call you to tell you how COOL the treatments look in our bedroom.

It's amazing how they work. And it's exactly what we were looking for." So don't settle for nothing, just because you think nothing is available. You have options.

And this one is great way to decorate your doors with a beautiful valance for that complete look.

Vita Vygovska, Owner of V2K Window Décor and More, a full-service custom window treatment company, will transform your ordinary window to extraordinary with professionalism from beginning to end. To set an appointment or receive your free Special Report: Top 10 Know How's on Custom Window Treatments plus the 'Curtain Call' ezine, visit .

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