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How to Make Soap

Soap is a salt of fatty acid and it is formed out of a simple chemical reaction between fatty acids and an alkali. It is only the ingredients that separate a harsh soap from luxury premium soap just as there is a difference between a normal chocolate and a fruit and nut chocolate. With a prudent choice of oils and adding quality perfumes and an elegant color, you soap becomes a lovely piece competing with probably the one that is shown in your favorite soap commercial. Although, soap is a product of simple chemistry there are 4 methods of soap preparation at home namely: . Cold Process method .

Melt and Pour method . Re-batching or re-blending method . Hot Process method Amongst the 4 methods, the cold process is the most common method adopted. Cold Process Soap Making: The method involves taking calculated amount of oils, heating and melting the oils in a soap pot. Then add alkali to it. Thoroughly mix oils and alkali.

Add perfume or choice of fragrance. Mix again. It is optional to add colors and other additives. Then the soap mixture is ready. It can be poured into molds and allow some time to set.

Use rubber gloves because dealing with alkali can damage naked skin. Also alkali solution can be simple water dissolved or dissolved in other solvents such as beer, milk. They make soaps softer and can give added moisturizing quality to your soap.

Soap making can be fun and messy as well. So organize the workspace and keep all ingredients ready before you start making soap.

Jack Dalton is a writer for Monster Guide. You can find more information on How to Make Soap at Monster Guide.

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