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Lets Talk Storage

Before you go out and buy storage containers etc.there are a few things that you need to do! Firstly, it's a good idea to go through everything so you know what sort of container, basket, draw unit, shelf unit etc you will be needing. Its no use going out and buying a load of storage units, only to find when you get home that they either don't fit where you need them to or just aren't right for what you need.

You also need to measure the amount of space that is available for the containers etc to go in. I know normally especially if its a wardrobe, linen closet or wardrobe unit, I measure once everything is out. So you get a true measurement.

Oh and don't just measure from one side to the other and the base of the cupboard.remember that a linen closet goes all the way to the ceiling generally, as do wardrobes :o) and you want to know exactly how much room you have. But be careful in linen closets, the space between the top shelf and the outer wall can be narrow.

Once you have the measurement and an idea of the sort of containers you will need, go shopping. Ok some ideas - Wheelie bins are great for toy cupboards (one for drawing equipment, dress ups, barbie, building blocks, puzzles, games) Keeps everything together and is easy to teach the darlings how to put everything back after playing. - In a shelf unit, a great way to create storage is to use weave baskets that slide in like draws.

Just make sure that you measure well and buy sturdy ones. - In the Kitchen, try to stick to clear containers, they can have coloured lids, but clear so you can see what is in them. And if possible, try to get self adhensive labels. - Wardrobe storage wise, there is a lot you can get these days, hanging shelves, shoe boxes, canvas boxes (great for Jerseys and jumpers) Just try to keep it as simple as possible, the more you bring in the more you need to find a home for! If you have a lot of small fiddly bits in a particular room, tackle boxes are a great purchase.

I have friends that use them as their sewing boxes, paint boxes, knick knack sorters. Remember also that although its great to get things sorted into containers, it is also very easy to put things in containers and still not know what is where. So make sure when you start organizing your belongings - keep it simple! Labeling is a great idea. And even, labeling the shelf that the container sits on is a good idea.

If you have children, you want to make it easy for them to know what is in the containers, so they don't start going through every single container every time, stick one of what ever is in the box for them to see. Makes it easy for them and you! One last thing, take your time and try to have a clear picture what you want to go where before you sit down and start putting things away. More later, have fun with this.

Paul Easton is a home organizing professional and the owner of a Home Organizing Blog, which helps anyone looking to organize their home environment and get more out of life. You can instantly download a copy of the 7 lemon scented home organizing idea’s by visiting: Home Organizing

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