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Maintenance of Air Purifier

As the air inside homes and offices grow polluting at an alarming rate, more and more people are seeking recourse in air purifiers to breathe fresh, clean air. An air purifier works by filtering the air from impurities like dust, animal dander, cigarette smoke and pollen. Getting an air purifier would mean a significant investment. However, if you don't take proper care of the gadget, it wouldn't be working at its optimum level and hence your investment wouldn't be providing you the results you expected. Maintaining air purifiers isn't that much of a hassle also and would take little time.

And for your effort you will be ensured fresh air to breathe in. The dust around the air purifier should be vacuumed regularly. Special attention should be paid to the exterior grills and panels. Change the filters when the indicator lights indicate you to.

If your gadget doesn't come with indicator lights, then follow the instructions that are there on the manual. We cannot definitively say when exactly would you need to change the filter. Much of it depends on what kind of room the air purifier is. If the room has too much traffic and also a lot of activities then the filters would be saturated earlier than normal. The opposite is also true when the filter has it easy in a less frequented room.

Normally HEPA filters require to be replaced every 12 months and the carbon filters used for absorbing gases need to be changed in 3-6 months. The best option would be to buy an air purifier with the filter replacement indicator lights as it is not only convenient but also scientific. Judging the state of your purifier by the particulates present in air or the odor of the air isn't much of a solution. You might be replacing them too late when they are clogged or you may be replacing them much too soon, hence spending unnecessarily. Some purifiers come with washable pre-filters. To wash them use warm soapy water.

Do not insert them before they are thoroughly dried. Always keep an extra filter with you so that when required you can change it immediately. Also HEPA filters are relatively expensive. So you wouldn't want to be rushed into buying it. It would help if you budget separately for it.

Also keep you purifier in a place where the is enough clearance on all its sides. Yes, you wouldn't want to spoil the look of your room, but you still need to allot some space for it to function properly.

Jason Uvios writes about on Maintenance of Air Purifier to visit:- air ozonators, hepa air filters and air filters

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