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Simple Ways To Lower Your Utility Bill

Many water heaters are set way too high. Lowering it even a little bit can save you a lot (from 3% to 5% for every 10 degrees!) Your tank temperature should be at least 130 degrees if you don't have a dishwasher and 140 degrees if you do. Keeping these temperatures low can save you a lot of energy. Repair Those Leaky Faucets A leaky faucet, though seemingly small, can amount to lots of wasted water. According to some estimates if you have a faucet that drips 30 drops/minute, you're losing 84 gallons a month, and 1,008 gallons a year! Fixing leaky faucets is quite easy. Clean Those Washer and Dryer Filters Most people know to clean the dryer lint filter after every load, but it's also important to keep the washer filter clean.

Washer filters, just like dryer filters can clog, making your washer work harder, thus using more energy. Cleaning them regularly will help reduce energy usage. Use Shorter Dryer Cycles Most people just turn the timer on their dryer and go. What they don't know is that most of the time, the dryer continues to run long after their clothes are dry! Make sure you know exactly how long it takes your dryer to dry your clothes, and turn it off when they're dry.

Line Dry An oldie but goodie, line drying can save you big bucks. It also can help keep your house cool in the summer by not bringing in heat from the dryer. Plus it gives your clothes that fresh air smell. Bulk Cook If you cook several things in the oven at once (like 3-4 days worth of dinners), it can reduce the energy you use considerably.

Another good tip is to don't open the oven door unnecessarily while it's on. This let's out heat and uses more energy. Use Portable Appliances Portable appliances like toaster ovens and electric skillets take considerably less energy than turning on the stove or oven.

A good thing to remember next time you make pancakes! Turn Off That Burner Before item is finished cooking, turn off your electric burner. Residual heat will finish cooking it for you. A small tip, but if you can turn your burner off 2 minutes early every day for a month, that's a full hour of energy you're saving! Delay Heat-Producing Tasks In the summer, delay using your stove, oven or dryer until the day cools down a bit. This will help by not making your A/C work so hard, and saving you energy. Move That Freezer By moving your freestanding freezer to the basement or garage in the summer, you avoid heat being put out in main living areas. Again, this helps you're A/C not work so hard.

Have your Doors Blower Tested Many utility companies offer blower door testing. They can bring in a blower door that depressurizes your house. This helps measure the amount of air leakage and shows even the air leaks that you can't see. Contact your utility company to see if they provide this service.

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