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The Advantages of Home Alarm Security Systems

Everyone wants to protect their household, family, and belongings, but not many families take the necessary precautions. Only 27% of US household have some kind of security system and only 21% have security systems that are monitored 24/7. Most people believe that it will never happen to them, especially if he/she lives in a good neighborhood.

The type of neighborhood one lives in does not necessarily effect whether or not their house will be broken into. Paying for security systems never seem to be worth it until the burglary happens to you. Security systems can do more than just monitor unwanted guests. The system can warn you if you are not home by calling a cell phone, work phone, or any other number provided if there is any unwarranted activity in the house while you are away. This will caution anyone who might be coming home to steer clear from the house and go to a trusted neighbor's until law enforcement arrives. There should always be a designated meeting spot if the alarm goes off while everyone is home or if the alarm goes off while everyone is gone.

If everyone is home the meeting spot could be in a bedroom, bathroom, basement, or even a closet. This will keep everyone together and safer. If no one is home then everyone should be called and meet at a neighbor's house until it is safe to go back home.

How the Monitoring Works The alarm goes off by someone not disarming the alarm system properly and a professional facility calls within seconds. If this is a false alarm then there is a password that needs to be said to keep the authorities from being notified. If there is no response or a wrong password is said then the police will be contacted immediately to send units. One of the best features is that the security system is pet friendly. This means that there can be dogs or cats in the house without being confined to one area without setting off the alarm.

With a home security system there is no longer a need to find a house sitter to monitor the house every so often when taking long trips. Having a friend or neighbor look after the house is useful, but he/she is not as reliable as a home security system. There is a very slim chance that the person house sitting will show up while a burglary is occurring. On the other hand, if the person is staying at the house while you are gone then it will also put him/her at risk. The house will also be monitored everyday of the year which is very convenient especially around the holidays when it would be impossible for someone to look after the house.

Acquiring a home security system can also lower the home owners or renters insurance monthly rates. Overall, the security system will allow everyone in the family to know that day-in and day-out that he/she will be protected. It makes coming home from an extended vacation or long day a lot more relaxing knowing that there are no surprises at home.

The system makes leaving for vacation a lot less stressful knowing that the house will be protected while you are gone. Lastly, having the monitoring system could save you a lot of money on your home owners insurance.

Home alarm and business security information is available at . LaserShield DIRECT offers Laser Shield brand wireless home and business alarm security systems. LaserShield comes with everything you need right out of the box, and can be professionally monitored 24/7.

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