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The Perfect Vacation Home Starts With You

If you're thinking about buying or building a vacation home, take a moment to think bigger. Ask yourself: What will my life be like in the next ten years? Thirty years? And how will this new vacation home fit into my life down the road? People's reasons for buying or building vacation homes haven't simply changed over the years. They've expanded and evolved. And with the baby boom generation's retirement on the horizon, a whole new set of lifestyle and family planning choices come into play. Here are three important aspects of your life to consider when making a decision about your vacation home plans: 1.

The needs of your current ? and potential future - lifestyle. Here's one way to look at it: Some folks are more active than others, and "active" means something different to everyone. Choosing the location of your second home should factor in the kinds of activities you want to pursue. Here's another way: Some people love to cook, and would want a great kitchen in their vacation home.

Other people would prefer to dine out while on vacation, and just need a small and efficient kitchen. What's your life like now? How will that change over the years? Answer those questions, and you'll be off to a very good start. 2.

The growth of your family. Do you have a large family? If not, will the family get bigger over time? And might they be spending a lot of time at your vacation home, separately or in big get-togethers? Or will it just be a couple of people enjoying the quiet spaces now and again? The answers to questions like those can affect decisions regarding the community you choose, the size of the home, interior design considerations, and even the choice of whether to buy condos or property within a vacation resort. 3. The length of your visits. What was once a vacation home, in which you spent a precious few weeks per year, could easily turn into a permanent residence upon retirement. Things you might tolerate in small doses ? like a bathroom unattached to the bedroom, for example, or the lack of a seasonal porch or deck ? could become issues in the long run.

If you don't mind making the investments in home renovation projects later on, then more power to you. But wouldn't it be better ? and easier - to get it right the first time? The idea of planning a vacation home to suit your future life doesn't come naturally to a lot of people. To make it easier, make it fun! Before you start the process, take some time to imagine your future life.

Who will you be? What will you have achieved? What roll will your vacation home play for your future self? You might learn as much about yourself as your new vacation home in the process.

Alpine Lakes Real Estate has been building long-term relationships in the White Mountains region for more than 20 years. Their extensive real estate expertise is enhanced by their vast knowledge of the entire building process. With offices in Lincoln and Campton, NH, they also offer assistance with IRS 1031 "like-kind" exchanges, and the Design-Build services of their in-house architect. For more information, go to

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