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Things to Consider Before You a Buy an Air Purifier

The functions of an air purifier are manifold - they not only remove dust particles and pet allergens from the air, but they also eliminate odors and smoke from your room. So the air you breathe inside your room is clean and healthy. However, since the air purifying industry is growing at a rapid pace, there are a lot of models available to you. So before you decide on any one, it makes sense that you do some homework. Where to use? First be sure about the place where you will be using the air purifier. It would make sense if you get yourself a portable air purifier.

This would mean that you can carry it along with you to the room you are in. if you need it to be in the living room, it will be there. And when you retire to your bed, you can just place it at one corner of the bedroom. If your job involves traveling a lot, you can even bring it along with you to the hotel you are staying in.

it is better you go for a compact model if you plan to carry it outside your house. Capacity You also have to decide on the capacity of the purifier. This would depend largely on the size of the room you are going to use it in. The capacities of models are based on sample size rooms. Know the dimensions of your room well and then select your purifier. You also will have to take a call on the special features of the purifier - like whether you need it to be quiet or you would much rather prefer one that comes with multiple settings.

Filtration The more the number of filters there are in your air purifier the better it is for you. Generally all purifiers come with a pre-filter which traps the larger particles. For the smaller particles, HEPA filter works best.

They are successful in removing about 98% of the impurities present in the air. If there are further screenings, the better it is. However, more the number of filters, more will be the price of the purifier. You have to strike a balance somewhere. Another thing you would need to consider is whether the filters are readily available.

If the model you buy is not from a reputed brand, chances are you will find very few outlets which actually stock filters of the model. These are some of the basic things you need to consider before you buy an air purifier.

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